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Log On!

iLog by Straight LIne Designs(via Apartment Therapy Unplugged)


Miu Miu / Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

In search for inspiration for a new shoot, I (again) came across the new miu miu campaign featuring Katie Holmes (I know it's been around for some time now). Despite the slight (Tom Cruise related) dislike I have for her, I think that Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott did a great job in making her look sexy (!) and even likable.

However, I still like the Kirsten Dunst campaign they did (for miu miu) a tad more than the one with Holmes...


Puma L.I.F.T.: ♥

After seeing the Puma L.I.F.T. website on theFWA, I fell instantly in love with them... yeah, the generic grey/yellow ones!

I never thought that: I'd see them this early in Cyprus • They'd be relatively cheap • They'd be so light & comfy!

And yes, I got mine today! *big smile* 


Chinese Proverb

"When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others." 


Stolen Sweaters (Vintage Blast)

Helen Harper sweaters ads from the 1962 August issue of Seventeen magazine.

The "Stolen Sweater" concept is quite interesting for that time, and the overall photoshoot and styling are awesome, I am creatively envious, especially about the one with the matadors. (click on images for larger view and readable text)

(via Learning2Share)


Type Jobs

A stunning typographical portrait of Steve Jobs by Dylan Roscover

(via Cult of Mac)



For those who are not familiar with the concept of the Eurovision Song Contest, all the info is here and here

Last Saturday, (May 16th) the 54th Eurovision Song Contest (final) took place in Moscow, Russia after the two qualifying semifinals of Tuesday and Thursday. I was unexpectedly surprised stunned by the overall organization of the events (two semifinals and the final). (Apologies for the sloppily written post, lack of sleep you see)

Opening sequence and the opening act (click for larger view)

The event opened with a performance by the Cirque Du Soleil and what followed was all pop, embellished with awesome graphics, and some really cool backdrop videos. After all, this event is all about celebrating all forms, shapes and types of pop in the most shameless and blatant manner. 

Each participating country was introduced via a short collage-style video consisting of the country's landmarks, identifiable elements. Then, the Russians were clever enough to use the incompatibility of their language with other european languages, which are slightly more recognizable among europeans, by giving a russian word written with latin characters along with its translation, again, before each performance.

Each song had a backdrop video, if it can be called backdrop given that the whole stage was made of movable flat and curved LED screens. (Unconfirmed fact: the LED screens used to create the stage sum up to 30% of all the LED material worldwide) 

My personal favorites were: Estonia (frames 1-4) where little lights lit up to form constellations to complement the awesome song, Russia (frames 5-7) last year's winner participated with a seemingly demure song plainly titled "Mamo" (Mother) the stage was filled with the face of the singer aging as the song progressed arriving to a heartfelt climax, and finally (though I didn't like the song) Portugal (frame 8) had some interesting graphics happening in the background. 

The whole spectacle; the two semifinals and the final, can be viewed/sreamed (for I don't know how long) here.

Viva Europe!


Oh No! (#1)

This is the first post (of many to come, I assure you) regarding eye-hurting graphics, and believe me, there's a lot of it around here... unfortunately


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Can We Just Please Sing About It?

No frigging comment!


Got 2040?

As a part of Intel's new campaign the image above was in the ad space of the New York Times website yesterday. The stories on the image are pretty interesting and a tad of a futuristic cliché... Also, I do like the design, though I don't think New York Times would drop their identifying typography by 2040.

Among the top stories on the cover are: The first female president of the United States discusses life under the waves with a dolphin | The Dow Jones is at 56,023 | 43 billion people watch Interplanetary Idol | An athlete tested positive for being an android | Heat waves and lack of water are facts.